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Int./Adv. Balboa
Musical Moves

Dates: April 5, 12, 19, 26

Teachers: Laura Keat, Ryan Romanowski, Stephanie Quon, and Lorne Fultonberg

Format: Four week series!

Memorizing moves is HARD! This class will focus on adding moves and stylings to your repertoire that are easy to change to fit to the music, so you don’t have to remember as much! We will also talk about other ways to be musical that will apply to your Balboa AND Lindy Hop. 


April 5: Laura & Lorne

April 12: Laura & Ryan

April 19: Stephanie & Ryan

April 26: Laura & Ryan

PRICE: Sliding Scale*

Pre-registration (before 2/2):​​   $10-20/class

At-door:​​  $12-25/class

*$5 minimum/class requested for those who need it

Sliding scale allows more people to join us with different budgets, thank you for paying what you can.  


  • 6:50-7:00pm Check-in & Warm-up

  • 7:00-8:00pm Classes

  • Location: Denver Turnverein (upstairs & downstairs)

*8:00-11:00pm  DJ Dance upstairs & downstairs *sold* separately

 $10 entry

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