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Private Lessons with Laura Keat

Work on your Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag, Charleston or Solo Jazz directly with Laura in a one on one setting. Laura teaches lessons to individuals, couples and small groups in person at her home studio, Denver Turnverein, online virtually or at dance events and festivals. 

Roxborough Studio

Littleton, CO

Currently this is the primary option for lessons. The studio is about an hour outside of Denver and Laura has flexible times. Laura is available most weekdays and several weekday evenings and weekends. Primary lesson times are Thursdays 12-10pm. 


$80 for full session ~50 min

$60 for partial session ~40 min

$300 for a package of 4 full sessions

$220 for a package of 4 partial sessions

Denver Turnverein

Denver, CO

Occasionally Laura is available on Friday afternoon, some Tuesday afternoons and some weekends at the Denver Turnverein.


$90 for full session ~50 min

$70 for partial session ~40 min

$340 for a package of 4 full sessions


Dance Festivals

Laura usually fills up with private lessons one or two weeks before the event. 
Please contact her early to reserve a spot. 

Virtual Lesson & Video Feedback

Take a live virtual lesson from the comfort of your home. Laura can work with you online solo or with partners. Video feedback is also available. Send 1-2 videos that you would like reviewed and you will receive a short written and/or video reply with encouragement, challenges and critique. 


$100 for full session at event ~50 min

$75 for partial session at event ~40 min

$45 for full session online/virtual ~40 min

$30 for video review


Send an email or text message to get more information!


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